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Techies Software Solutions Inc
221 Laurel Road, Suite 165 Echelon II
Voorhees Township
NJ 08043
Phone: +1-888-744-1377

Static Website Design

Looking for a reliable website designing company! Techies Software Solutions is here to accomplish the custom website design requirements of you. A substantially designed website is undoubtedly the most crucial requirement for any business launching itself in the World Wide Web. We skillfully create website designs, providing your customers exactly what they are looking for. We design customized themes and templates which matches your brand and requirements. Custom designed approach increases the probability of getting recognized by your target customers. Every website that we create is mobile responsive, making sure your customers can reach out to you despite of the fact what device they are using. We work as per the client requirements with utmost effort and productiveness.

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Website Building Components

Websites were just a mere option for businesses. NOT ANYMORE.

We make sure to work as per your requirements with utmost effort and productiveness. Building a website as per your requirements needs far more than just coding. It requires logo designing, graphics designing, customized interface designing, content writing, linking social media accounts, plug-in attachments and integrations such as payment gateways, etc. We offer static website designing services along with its management in reasonable prices.


The concept of responsive web design is significant but it comes with certain technical issues. There is a belief that limitation of mobile help us create better designs but occasionally it’s not that simple.


This brings server-side solutions, such as, RESS and HTTP Client Hints comes in the picture. Keeping in mind the constraints as well as the features of various devices we create templates that are suitable and optimized. We create responsive web designs using multiple tools, such as, media queries, relative units and responsive images.

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Tell Us About Your Project

We help individuals and organisations to bring innovative ideas to life.

Features Of Our Static Web Design

You don’t need a website. You need a purpose-built tool to grow your business.

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Valued Security

Our static website designs are free from malicious code, also, it ensure your website security.


Options, such as, cloud file storage, static file hosting, any traditional hosting, or any other, suits with static websites.

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Content Management

You can even make your content easily manageable with the help of hosted CMS systems.

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Domain Registration

A domain name can help you to enhance your brand value as it shares your business or product information with the World Wide Web.

Static Websites Are Back!

Static websites are not desorbed and are taking over numerous tasks that only server-side languages used to offer. In the modern day static websites need no translation processing from server. This makes them fast & simple to use.

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Attractive Layouts

We design eye-catchy layouts that perfectly suit the client requirements. We aim to deliver more than the client expectations and ensuring the productivity of the project at the same time.

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web programming

Advanced Effects

We use latest technologies and effects to reduce manual effort. We interpret powerful effects to define all your colors and fonts as variables.

We Make Amazing Designs With Great Focus

“Customizing Products, Great website reach and User Testing” are not aligned properly. They do not appear to be in same line. Need to adjust them properly so that they appear aligned.

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User-Centered Design

We consider the wide variety of users that will encounter and interact with your product, so we gain a deeper knowledge of what they are looking for in your product.

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Best Quality

We ensure the best quality web design at reasonable prices to help your business succeed online and make sure it remains cohesive.

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Better Interaction

Communicating with the user is one key element of designing websites that create memorable experiences and keep your users coming back.

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Customizing Products

We work with you to make sure your business brand, voice, and character shine through in every aspect. We never skip out on the details.

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Great Website Reach

We bring conversion chances by creating flexible & responsive websites. We understand the value of conversion for business owners.

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User Testing

We thrive for testing scripts internally to make sure your customers expectations are met upon encountering your product.

How We Work?

Before starting the project we analyze client’s business, understand their requirements along with any font, color or any other design directions that they may have. We then create a fully customize design that will be based on their specifications. These designs consist of dummy contents and images that get replaced once we receive the data from client or even we can get that done from our end if asked to do so. When the client and our team start working together both parties are satisfied with the work and our team can design exactly the way our clients want.