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221 Laurel Road, Suite 165
Echelon II Voorhees
NJ 08043
Phone: +1-888-744-1377
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Techies Software Solutions Inc
221 Laurel Road, Suite 165 Echelon II
Voorhees Township
NJ 08043
Phone: +1-888-744-1377

Short Story About Our Company

The digital universe is expanding faster than anyone can imagine as compare to what we started with. The internet and digital marketing has changed everything and we have evolved around it. As new technologies arise, we raise our strategies, plans and keep transforming our team & in-house skills to keep our clients ahead of the curves of the marketplace competition. While a lot has changed from what we first opened our doors with, one thing will never change, and that is “our ability and commitment to convert digital-world challenges into real-world opportunities and advantages for our clients”.

Techies Software Solutions is a web designing company located in New Jersey with a core focus on creative web designs, suitable content, latest technology & e-commerce solutions. We help to create amazing assets and provide you a distribution platform to disclose your brand story, also, engaging your customers at the same time.

We offer a suite of services, from large-scale e-commerce solutions to content creation for digital campaigns. We work with passion to enhance the business growth prospects for our clients and to provide end to end strategies by generating heavy targeted site traffic.

  1. digital marketing strategy
    Feb, 2012
    Kick Start

    Techies Software Solutions was established in 2012. Having specialties in high-level Visual Designs and flawless Website & App Development capabilities we started on a higher note with clients who belonged to food cafes and coffee shops. Our first challenge was to hire enthusiastic people who work with passion in what they do and are committed for creating great web design. We hired people who can deliver well built and robust websites designs to attract customers for our business. In the first couple of years, we mapped the challenges and worked very hard to achieve a decent client base. From the onset of our business we worked keeping only one mantra in or mind: "We are here to build trust and to work effectively for our clients".

  2. service marketing
    Sept, 2014
    Better Client Reach

    Right from the year of launch, Techies Software Solutions has been following the principle of building & implementing great ideas that empower the clients' business as well as enhances their lives through innovative & creative solutions. Our team is differentiated by their creativity, knowledge, and experience across technologies that they bring to each project we acquire. We understand the importance of nurturing relationships. We tackle new challenges every year and solve them with hard work and a team of brilliant & innovative minds. Every day, we partner with people who forge bold missions along with ambitious visions to help them to succeed in the process of transforming their ideas into reality.

  3. website maintenance
    Jan, 2015
    Working with creativity

    We have a set of beliefs, values and the way we work for our clients is what defines us a great company. With time we make a move towards technology enhancements. We work across the entire cycle of taking an idea to marketplace to support entrepreneurs & challenger brands with ideation, validation, product strategy, designing, ongoing maintenance and growth. Together, we are building a development hub for incredible ideas & innovations around the world. We always deliver top notch work for our clients with a strong attention to the details and perfect execution. As a values-driven company, we believe strongly in forming meaningful relationships and partnering with selected organizations to deliver quality outcomes.

  4. web design jobs
    Nov, 2017
    In Action

    After 5 years of our establishment we stabled our feet in global market. We are on top of the cutting-edge design techniques and lasting design trends, making sure that your brand imagery cuts through today’s over-saturated market. Either for a small business owner or for a CEO of multiple companies the daily operations should not be slowed down because of the technicalities that accompanies with online solutions. We bring commercial mind as well as creativity into every project. This is the reason why we spend time understanding your business and your customer’s needs. We aim to meet the expectations of your potential customers so you can extract maximum benefit from your website.

  5. what is digital marketing
    Feb, 2018
    Growing The Company

    We have been around since 2012, but do not let our depth of experience make you feel we are old school. Techies Software Solutions is constantly evolving, moving and growing just as the technology does and as per our clients' needs change. We helped businesses of all sizes around United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Britain, Spain and Guinea to grow in the last 6 years. We work with keeping only one thing in mind and that is to achieve brilliant results. We value great people, passionate businesses and love helping them with all their marketing needs. In 2018 online presence can make or break a business, and we, ensure your success.

Why Us?

"Because we deliver quality every time, not just the first time"

  • SEO compliance
  • On time delivery
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Competitive pricing
  • Integrity is always first
  • We are compassionate
  • A culture of innovation
  • 24 Hour Support Service
  • Daily Reporting & Analysis
  • We keep our commitments
  • Streamlined Communication
  • No compromise with Quality
  • Best Team to avoid any short coming
  • Quick & Reliable Services on short notice
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What We Do?

Techies Software Solutions offers a wide-range of services for businesses in both small & large scale. We develop a custom plan for each client, keeping their business objectives in mind. As a world-class Website Development company and SEO service provider in USA, our vision is to increase the World Wide Web presence for our clients’ businesses while using a wide range of digital techniques and strategies. At Techies Software Solutions, we measure our success based on our clients’ success. We use business-oriented, ethical and honest practices while working with our clients. Our sole mission is to provide ultimate, innovative and unmatched solutions for our clients. We want to enhance lives worldwide by creating wonderful online experiences. We understand the importance of it and we drive our employees on daily basis to make it happen.

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Innovative Solutions

Creating extremely ingenious and business-centered websites and mobile applications with the help of modern technologies.

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Complete Transparency

To ensure complete transparency in the procedure and build trust by providing regular updates on the project.

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Equal Client Priorities

To give equal priority to all our clients regardless of the size, type or criticality of their project.

Our Vision

We Believe In Results

Transforming & becoming the best in the worldwide marketplace by providing extremely ingenious services, such as, website designing, website development and internet marketing. Making sure our clients' businesses grows proportionally at the same time. Worldwide recognition is the dream of every company and we want to achieve it through our work.

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Our Customers Say

Had a great experience working with Techies Software Solutions. Initially I was a bit hesitant because they are still new and just a 2 year old brand but later on when I interacted with their senior team members, I got convinced, and to my utmost satisfaction, the project got completed almost 25 days ahead of schedule which is highly impressive . I will recommend Techies Software Solutions to other people and will work only with them in future for all my IT related needs.
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Brittany Watkins, United States

Our Customers Say

I must say that people working at Techies Software Solutions are such wonderful personalities. I think their team is understanding and I am very impress with the project so far. I won’t hesitate working with you guys on other projects because I’ve got a lot of them. Let’s hope that this one is implemented as per plan that we will take on another one. I am looking forward to a more solid partnership between me and Techies Software Solutions.
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Vincent Fuller, United States

Our Customers Say

I was kind of nervous at first to have someone I didn´t know to work on my website. They made some programming adjustment to my site and I was really surprised how well and quickly they finished their job and I am very confident in recommending them to friends. Everything went very smooth and they exceeded my expectations and they are very professional. Thanks
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Our Customers Say

The Techies team was great to work with. They communicated pro-actively. There wasn't a day I didn't get an update, and most days I was updated multiple times. They read and understood the requirements of the job, and were able to handle all of the issues that inevitably popped up. I can't recommend them enough.

Michael Minihan, Atlanta, United States

Our Customers Say

Techies was simply outstanding to work with. Not only did the exceed all of my expectations with the product they designed, they are incredible to work with. Their manager is of utmost character. I cannot describe my level of satisfaction with their work.

Jon Eastbay, Texas, United States

Our Customers Say

Very quick work, very nice and friendly. Also, good at explaining my stupid questions. I will absolutely work with them again. They really goes the extra mile as well, thumbs up. I'm beyond happy with your work Techies.

Hanna Zion

Our Customers Say

I have searched around for a long time for a trustworthy company that can develop my dream website, and I have finally found it with Techies Software Solutions. Thanks to them for always being there for any help. Super great development team!!!

Samuel Palmer, United States

Our Customers Say

Excellent to work with! I would recommend highly. They are very knowledgable, easy to communicate with and work hard to find a resolution.

Rob Jensen ,Provo, United States

Our Customers Say

The professionals at Techies have been instrumental in providing high quality professional web design and development. They will not disappoint you!

Daniel Huber, Indiana, United States

Our Customers Say

Thanks for the great work, I'm very happy with the result. During the work process, they were very flexible.

Jonathan Simpson

Our Customers Say

We just wanted to say that we were very impressed with the service, skills and dedication.


Our Customers Say

Techies was really easy to work with, had fantastic communication and honestly was the FIRST great experience.

Estefano d'Elano, Texas, United States